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Davos - A picture perfect Alpine holiday destination

Davos, the highest situated city in Europe, is world-famous and especially known for its variety of sports, leisure and cultural activities, its healing climate, the Hockey Club Davos, the Spengler Cup, the Kirchner Museum, the World Economic Forum or the celebrating freestyle scene on the Jakobshorn.

Spa Town Davos

Our eponym, Alexander Spengler, first discovered the beneficial effects of the Davos mountain air in 1853 and began to market Davos to spa guests. The development of the village was accelerated after 1890 with the newly built railway line from Landquart and Davos started to become widely known as a health resort and winter sports destination.

Also in literature: After Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about a hike in the region in a magazine in 1895, Davos gained popularity in England as an Alpine holiday destination. Thomas Mann was also a frequent guest to Davos and even moved the plot of his famous novel "The Magic Mountain" to Davos. Also Max Frisch used the health resort Davos as a setting in his novel "Silence".

Davos Klosters Active - Action included!

Upgrade your Swiss summer holidays in Davos. Every single day you can choose amongst a great variety of free activities in and around Davos. No matter what the weather holds, action and entertainment are guaranteed with the Davos Kloster summer guest programme.




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We, at Spenglers Inn, are living in Davos. Some of us since many years. We know a lot about Davos and are happy to share some tips and suggestions with you in order to enhance your visit in the coolest alpine city.

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